Your beliefs determine who you areWe rarely examine our beliefs, yet they can make or break us. If you believe you've got what it takes, you probably have.

You are what you believe

Your beliefs govern the way you think, feel and act in the world, every moment of your life

Your belief system determines 'who you think you are!' - it controls your values, your attitudes and your priorities.

Your beliefs are enormously powerful: your health, your personal growth and your success in life are all determined by your beliefs.

Mostly, you are completely unaware of this; it happens at an unconscious level.

Not only are your beliefs very powerful; they are also very personal. Your beliefs are a large part of what make you uniquely, well, you!

Your beliefs lay the foundation for your success

Or failure.

Henry Ford, founder of the American Ford Motor Company, once said, "If you think you can do a thing or if you think you can't do a thing, you're probably right."

Henry Ford was a great man. This is one of the most powerful insights you will ever come across.

It is so true: a key element in the achievements of successful men and women in all walks of life is a driving personal faith in their ability to succeed. Without a genuine conviction in your own capability, personal fulfilment is likely to remain a distant dream.

Your beliefs control your ability to succeed. They are that powerful.

Your beliefs regulate your behavior and dictate your habits. They shape how you vote, the books and entertainments you choose, the work you do, the deodorant you use, what you eat and drink, what you do with your spare time, whom you admire and what inspires and motivates you.

In short, your beliefs regulate everything you do!

But, as important as this is, it's not the most crucial thing to know about your beliefs.

Our belief system determines our self-image

We are what we are because of the way we see ourselves

We act and live in accordance with our self-image, which is the 'truth' about ourselves, as we see it.

You're exactly what you think you are, based on your belief system.

If you change the way you think, you'll change the way you act.

You will change the way you are.

This fact has a major bearing on our ability to achieve the kind of life we would like to have.

Our unconscious belief system often includes boundary beliefs like: 'Nature is real, forget the ideal; it's impossible!' This kind of thinking, a fatalistic acceptance of our external 'reality,' lies behind the defeatist attitudemany of us hold towards our ability to improve our lives.

The key to achieving lasting personal change is to get started today, working on your personal beliefs about yourself.

It's your pathway to transformation - to permanently becoming the healthy and successful person you want to be.

Lasting Personal Change is the only path to outstanding health, growth and success.

Reach for the stars

Our beliefs limit the goals we are prepared to set for ourselves.

In our busy lives, governed by commitments and social 'realities,' we end up believing it's just plain impractical for to consider major and ambitious changes.

Maybe you've tried stuff like this before, and found that eventually it just becomes impossible to stick it out.

Well, I would like you to think about this:

Reach for the stars

To reach for the stars means to aim high, set challenging targets, go for aggressive goals, dream big dreams, stretch right out and demand the highest standards of yourself.

And to not settle for less!

This advice comes from coaches, counselors and consultants everywhere, for you who would strive for excellence.

It's the advice followed by all who pursue their full personal potential in any field of endeavour - be it study, sport, sales or sculpture.

Or the best of health!

Don't be afraid of setting large goals.

Actually, we usually set goals that are way too small for ourselves, because we fear failure. We are driven to avoid disappointment, embarrassment or disapproval.

We could do so much better if we put our mind to it, and ?had a go!?

The truth is, most of us are what we are, doing ordinary jobs and leading ordinary lives, not because we set big goals and failed to reach them, but because our goals were too small and we?ve met them.

Don't talk yourself out of it.

Reach for the stars!

But what if I fail?

The man who never made a mistake never made anything.

Sir Winston Churchill, who steadfastly maintained the resolve of the British Empire during their darkest hour, when early in World War 2 they stood alone in Europe against Nazi Germany and the axis powers, once said: "Courage is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm."

The great British experimental chemist and inventor Sir Humphrey Davey remarked, "I have learned more from my mistakes than from my successes."

My advice is simply, give it a go. The rewards of excellent health are so great, it's worth a try.

When you stumble (you will!) 'pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again.' (song lyric by Dorothy Fields, 1936.)

Failure is just a state of mind. So you tripped! See it as a temporary setback, a needed lesson, a valuable learning experience.

And it's not personal. Your attempt at something may have failed, this time. That doesn't make you a failure.

It just makes you someone with the initiative to try something, and it happened to not work! So try again. Or try something different.

You will have an overwhelming advantage, which you can't appreciate yet.

Once you set out on a path of personal growth, in pursuit of lasting personal change and natural ideal health, you'll start to build new physical, mental and spiritual strengths.

It will happen slowly at first, and in fits and starts. You'll probably be unaware of it. Rather, there will be 'humps' to get over and 'endless' plateaus to endure. You will feel like giving up.

Don't! As you grow, you will find more strength, more resources, to continue.

As the saying goes, "Winners are not quitters, quitters are not winners."

Napoleon Hill, in his famous book Think and Grow Rich, tells the story of a gold miner who quit digging just three feet from a vein of gold that that made millions for the man who took it over.

It is a short story still worth reading today.

More on Self Improvement

For many people, the key to self improvement and to the achievement of lasting personal change lies in knowing how to create and sustain the self motivation necessary to adopt and persevere with long term lifestyle changes.

Another important factor is self-belief. Learn how you can use the concept of self improvement to harness the power of belief in setting and striving after challenging and worthwhile goals.

Soar through life with the 6 Healthy Habits

  1. Live Consciously
  2. Act Responsibly
  3. Grow Authentically
  4. Nourish your Body
  5. Nourish your Mind
  6. Nourish your Soul

Achieve Lasting Change NOW.

  • outstanding physical, mental and spiritual health
  • well-being, prosperity, inner peace and life purpose.

"Take charge of your health."

"Take control of your life."

"Do it Now."

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