Grow Authentically

Healthy Habit Number 3

Grow authentically and live your life to the full.
To grow authentically requires both self knowledge and a commitment to act on your beliefs. It's the true pathway to leading a full life.

To be authentic is to be true to yourself

When you choose authenticity, you commit to living in accordance with who you really are and what you deeply believe.

Authentic personal growth therefore requires both inner and outer action:

  • self-discovery (uncovering your inner beliefs and values)

  • building the courage and commitment to act, and living by your inner beliefs and values.

Personal Integrity

To live with personal integrity means to align your outer actions with your inner beliefs; to behave in accordance with your deepest values.

It means being honest, genuine and open in your dealings with others and the world at large. Being authentic.

It's the real you speaking.

This absence of inner conflict allows your energy to flow freely. When you're not acting with integrity, some of your energy always dissipates, maintaining and defending whatever fiction or facade you're currently presenting to the world.

Being your own spin doctor, constantly on guard and on message, is exhausting and stressful. It's bad for your health, your relationships and your personal effectiveness. Real health, real growth and real success will continue to elude you if you don't live and grow authentically.

You can't be true to others if you're not being true to yourself.

Grow authentically and live your life to the full.
Inner conflicts arise between your beliefs and what's expected of you. When you grow authentically you will develop the conviction and character to be true to yourself.

It's your life - or is it?

The uncomfortable truth is, we do lead largely conflicted lives.

How often do you worry more about what others think, than about what you really believe.

Do you sometimes act to keep the peace rather than confront a problem?

Or do something to gain influence and get ahead instead of giving your true opinion?

We don't always live our lives in accordance with what we deeply believe.

To do so requires unusual strength of conviction and steadiness of character.

And it risks conflict and unpopularity.

It's no small ask.

It's so much easier to please your peers, pretending to be the person they expect.

There's less hassle when you let things be.

Or is there?


1  Growth is your destiny

Inner conflicts will haunt you until you choose to grow

You're genetically programmed with capacity to grow authentically for life

We're used to seeing physical and mental growth in the young. 'Growing up' is such a normal part of life that we rarely stop to think about it.

Think about it now. From those first baby steps to that first day in the office, a true miracle has occurred. The child who sat on mother's knee, completely dependent on her parents for everything, has blossomed into a fine, smart young woman, with the maturity and skills she needs to start making her own way in life.

We all became capable adults in the same miraculous way.

And then we settled down to the business of getting on with our lives - doing our jobs and 'fitting in' with those around us.

Now here is the interesting thing. Once we became adults, we more or less gave up growing. It's as if we believed that, having reached physical maturity, our 'growing days' were behind us.

Most of us have have all but ignored the awesome human potential we all have for continued our inner growth throughout our entire lives.

I'm not talking here about academic or professional studies, training in trades or skills or attaining mastery in some chosen calling or capability through dedicated work experience. These important initiatives will prepare you for your life's work. I'm talking rather about preparing yourself to grow toward realizing your full potential as a human being.

Few of us push on to reach the incredible levels of mental (cognitive, psychological and emotional) and spiritual maturity that is ours for the taking simply because we are genetically normal human beings.

The capacity to do so is right there in your genetic blueprint, waiting to be actualized.

The difference between the growth spurt of youth and the inner growth of adulthood is simply this:

  • our growth from youth to adulthood is mostly automatic. Given ideal conditions of nourishment, support and guidance, it just happens. A normal child grows into a healthy, competent, normal adult. The growth intstructions programmed into this stage of the human genetic blueprint unfold from within with little intervention required other than external nourishment, protection and guidance.

  • the inner growth of adulthood depends largely on conscious choice. Genetically, we have the capacity to grow, and a compulsion to choose to do so. The extent to which we achieve inner growth in our lifetine is up to us. We are responsible for our own growth.

Unfortunately, our growth as human beings all too often stalls when we become young adults. It slows down to a crawl, and for many it stops altogether. Once we become adults, we pretty much stop growing.

Instead, like moths that circle a naked flame, we're dazzled and drawn by the bright lights, the buzz and the big bucks of material success, personal prestige and pleasures of the flesh.

Growing's not cool. Let's go cruize.

We place growth on hold, without knowing it; therein lies our problem

You're made to keep growing throughout all the phases of your life - physically, cognitively, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually. Body, mind, soul.

The instructions in your DNA contain both the capacity and the compulsion to grow, to become fully human, to realize your full potential. You have evolved with a human drive to be the best that we can be.

We block that drive to grow when we attach ourselves obsessively to the toys and trinkets of modern life. We allow stylish fads and fashions to seduce us and blunt our human consciousness. We no longer know what we truly want, or how we should live.

So we remain internally conflicted, our inner discord unresolved. We follow the crowd, failing to create the inner sense of direction and discipline we desperately need. We stay stuck in our groove.

The only way out is to embrace growth. We must grow authentically, first to still the inner conflict and then to become the best we can be.


2  The best you can be

Authentic personal growth aims to realize your full potential

When you choose to grow authentically you commence a journey of lasting personal change to become the best you that you can be

I've discussed the importance of authentic personal growth for overcoming inner conflicts of the kind caused by not deeply knowing yourself and what you really want from life.

This lack of self knowledge and life purpose generally results from our failure to grow as we are swept along by worldly pleasures and the whims of others.

But authentic personal growth is about much more than addressing your shortcomings.

It's a journey toward becoming your personal best in every way - to attaining great health and success in every aspect of your life that's important to you

And to grow authentically is the most exciting and rewarding journey you will ever make.

Your personal best

When you choose to grow authentically, you travel a personal path that's entirely your own. Because you are unique.

There can be no standard approach to personal growth, no single formula, no 'one-size-fits-all.'

We are each unique in countless ways. So is everyone who has ever lived, or who ever will live in the future. Variability is endless. There will never be another you.

Your individuality reflects a complex mix of many factors including your genetic make-up, your life experiences and the choices you've made on your life journey so far. Each of these and many other factors contribute to your unique individuality,

Your uniqueness doesn't mean you can't turn to others for advice. We all benefit from the guidance, encouragement and support of those who are further down their path. Coaches, mentors, books and the inspiration we take from the lives of others can all help us on our own road to self-discovery.

But in the end, you must make your journey alone.


3  You're in control

You are the most powerful force shaping your own future

You have a commanding influence over your fate, for better or for worse.

Your choices and actions create consequences that determine your destiny. Call it karma.

You've played a pivotal role in shaping your present character and in creating your current reality.

Similarly, your choices from here on will greatly impact the content and quality of your future.

You have a massive impact on your own health, longevity, success and ultimate fulfillment.

The better your choices and actions, the more you will get from life.

When you grow authentically, you improve your ability to choose and act wisely, and make the most of your life.

Authentic personal growth is a lifetime project

Authentic personal growth isn't a course where you pass an exam and then you're qualified. You need to grow authentically for life.

We associate growth with youth. It's at the young growing tips of trees, that the real action takes place. A healthy tree has lots of young shoots. This is where fresh blossoms come from.

When you grow authentically for life, keep sprouting new shoots, you're always blooming, always taking in fresh energy. To grow authentically makes you feel alive, energised, fulfilled. These are the very same feelings that promote health and enhance performance.

You have the capacity to grow authentically throughout your life; only when you do so can you hope to reach your full potential.

Your life is a series of points of choice. Fast food or a healthy meal. Television or a brisk walk. The state of mind that seeks continuously to grow will attract growth choices, leading to healthy habits of though and actions in everyday life. Choosing the path of growth on each occasion always results in the best outcomes for yourself, for those you love and for those you serve.


4  The ins and outs of growth

Growth works its way from the inside out

We grow authentically by choosing to live consciously, then acting responsibility

One of the 7 Governing Principles of Authentic Personal Growth is that growth starts on the inside and then moves on to the outside. Change your thoughts and, neuroscience tells us, you will change your mind. Your neural circuitry is pliable, plastic. You can change the way you're wired. Change your mind and you will change your life.

Conversely if you simply try to force new habits on yourself by gritting your teeth and galvanizing your willpower, you'll most likely fail. Like dieting, this type of 'externally' imposed discipline is futile.

The 6 Healthy Habits take advantage of the new science. They're tightly interwoven, mutually reinforcing and supporting each other, and creating a virtuous circle of sustained self-motivation. That helps you to imprint the circuitry of new habits in your brain, and It's why the 6 Healthy Habits are so powerful when used properly together.

Habit 1 live consciously and Habit 2 act responsibly work together to provide a foundation and a framework in support of Habit 3, grow authentically. These 3 Habits provide the support needed to succeed in following the remaining Habits 4, 5 and 6, nourish your body, mind and soul.

More on Authentic Personal Growth

More information on how you can grow authentically by adopting the 6 Healthy Habits now as a way of life aimed at restoring balance and providing ideal nourishment at each level of your being - body, mind and soul.

The 7 governing principles of authentic personal growth reflect the truth that all of our problems in life are symptoms of a body-mind-spirit that's out of balance.

Authentic personal growth is multi-dimensional, producing integrated and balanced growth across all areas of your life.

The path of Authentic Personal Growth involves both the inner work of self discovery and the outer discipline of authentic living.

Achieving this inner-outer harmony is a prerequisite for personal fulfillment, that is, for the realization of your full human potential.


More on The 6 Healthy Habits

Grow authentically is one of the 6 Healthy Habits that will bring you extraordinary physical, mental and spiritual health.

These habits are your keys to well-being, prosperity, inner peace, and purpose.

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Soar through life with the 6 Healthy Habits

  1. Live Consciously
  2. Act Responsibly
  3. Grow Authentically
  4. Nourish your Body
  5. Nourish your Mind
  6. Nourish your Soul

Achieve Lasting Change NOW.

  • outstanding physical, mental and spiritual health
  • well-being, prosperity, inner peace and life purpose.

"Take charge of your health."

"Take control of your life."

"Do it Now."

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