Natural Ideal Health

Health is more than an absence of sickness

Ideal Health is natural.
We're genetically designed to enjoy natural ideal health - a total well being of body, mind and spirit - as our normal everyday state.

Real health is a positive state of well-being of body, mind and soul

Way back in 1946 the World Health Organisation defined health as a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

That description of what it means to be healthy has stood the test of time. It remains in place today as WHO's formal definition of health.

Yet few of us aspire to such a high standard of personal health. Our days are filled with chasing after the things that feed our impulsive pleasures and material success.

We disregard our health: we eat and drink and do too much; we move about and rest too little.

We accept as normal the mediocre, repressed levels of 'health' that have become the standard in our modern world.

But average health as we know it today is not normal

It's not normal to lack energy, feel sluggish and unfit, carry too much weight, suffer a continuous trail of minor ailments and commonplace illnesses, perform poorly and lack fulfilment in our lives.

And it's not normal that so many of us should die prematurely from the so-called killer lifestyle diseases - heart disease, stroke and cancer.

You're genetically designed to enjoy Natural Ideal health

Ideal health means total well-being.
Natural ideal health is a state of vital energy, mental clarity and spiritual fulfilment.

Natural ideal health is a state of vital energy, mental clarity and spiritual fulfilment.

This peak state of total well being of body, mind and spirit is the normal genetic state that we are programmed to experience.

It's your evolutionary birthright.

And you're genetically designed to enjoy natural ideal health every day of your life.

The miracle of genetic intelligence

The human organism has an astonishing natural capacity for adaptation, self-healing and growth.

From an evolutionary standpoint, our primary purpose is survival, to ensure protection and procreation of our species.

This demands that each of us has the inbuilt capacity to endure for a lifetime against all manner of threats to our well-being, from sabre-tooth tigers to angry bosses.

And we're made to do this while keeping our incredible capabilities intact and growing continuously towatd the full realization of our human potential.

To achieve this, your body is equipped with truly amazing capacities.

These will continue working faithfully for you every day for your entire lifetime, as long as you provide yourself with the nourishment you need.


1.   Nourishment

You CAN achieve natural ideal health

The answer lies in good nourishment

Mounting research evidence shows how you can tap into your extraordinary natural resources and consciously bring about lasting personal change.

You can achieve previously undreamed of benefits for your health, longevity and personal growth. New knowledge has made these benefits readily accessible to the average person.

You can improve in all areas of your life - in relationships, in personal success in your chosen field of work or study, in sport, in business or whatever is important to you when your physical, mental and spiritual health are united at their peak.

Achieving natural ideal health is not complicated.

The neurological, biological and genetic underpinnings of human life and consciousness are incalculably complex. They defy our complete comprehension, and perhaps they always will. But we have come to know a great deal, and in far greater detail than is generally recognized. And what we have learned, especially in very recent years, is truly amazing.

For beyond the complexity, we now know there lies a simple truth:

When you consciously meet the natural needs for nourishment of your body, mind and spirit, your innate capacities for self-healing, adaptation and growth will automatically produce the natural ideal health you are truly capable of achieving.


2.   Beyond average health

Most people think of being healthy as normal or average health based on our common experience

Natural ideal health is a vastly better experience

People generally regard themselves as reasonably healthy if they don't have any serious illness or disability (that they know of), and if they usually don't get sick all that often.

They may get the occasional headache, stiff neck, upset stomach, sore back, skin rash or some other 'minor ailment.' They may feel stressed at times, or fret at being a bit overweight or lethargic. "But basically you know, I'm pretty healthy."

Sound familiar?

Well, that kind of mediocre health is not what I mean by natural ideal health.

Our idea of 'normal' is based on comparison with what we see around us. We compare within our own culture, where we all swim in the same unhealthy sea. We compare with what we see, not with what is possible.

But so-called normal health actually predisposes us to sickness! Many aspects of our modern lives are noxious rather than nourishing, and this is reflected in the less than impressive state of our average health.

Natural ideal health is not ordinary, normal health. It's extraordinary health. Outstanding health. A state of health far better than 'normal' or 'average.'

Forget average!

Natural ideal health is an experience of true 'aliveness.' Joy! Exhilaration!

It is the highest level of total health to which you can aspire.

With what we now know, you can aim for the peak state of health you're programmed to attain.

You can realize your full health potential, be the best that you can be, reflecting your personal goals and life situation.

Writers use terms like 'health and wellness' or 'well-being' when they refer to states of health that far exceed our generally accepted notions of good health.

This is the state I call Natural Ideal Health.


3.   Not just an absence of illness

People often think "I'm not sick, so I guess I'm healthy enough."

This isn't an adequate definition of good health

In our hectic modern lives, it often seems that an absence of sickness is just a passing state. Before long, we are 'sick' again.

We remain forever prone to catching colds, flu and other 'bugs.'

We suffer, on and off, from headaches, indigestion, rashes, itches, aching joints, bad backs and all manner of minor discomforts. Sickness is a way of life.

And worse threatens, especially as we age. Heart disease, cancer, respiratory problems, diabetes - these lifestyle or degenerative diseases afflict so many. Will we, or our loved ones, be next?

Ideal health is not just the absence of sickness

And even when we're not actually ill, we often lack energy or motivation, or feel stressed or anxious.

We are 'not 100%;' we're just 'not ourselves.'

In some vaguely unsettling way, we just don't feel quite right.

Our resistance, energy or mood may be low for many possible reasons: poor nutrition, toxic food, air and water, inadequate rest or exercise, stress and emotional and spiritual malaise.

Can we truly be healthy, when we so easily fall prey some passing bug? Is our natural immune system so poorly made?

Actually, no.

The more we learn about the human body, the more we marvel at the intricate, sophisticated complexity of its design. Our bodies have evolved layer upon wondrous layer of virtually impregnable fortification against all manner of external threats from foreign invaders.

You become 'sick' when your first lines of defence against these threats fail. This occurs when your immune system is run down, or when you are exposed to trauma or toxicity that your natural defences are not adequately quipped to deal with.

'Sickness' is your experience of the fight your body launches to handle the emergency. It also serves as a warning, signalling that all is not well, and that you need to conserve energy to allow recovery or to fight off a threat to your well-being.


4.   Natural and Ideal

Real health is both natural and ideal

These are the two essential properties of outstanding human health

Firstly, it's natural for us to continuously experience glowing health. Our bodies have extraordinary capabilities for coping with challenges and repelling invaders. Getting sick should be a most unusual affair, necessary only when the first line defences of our immune system are overwhelmed.

Conversely, it's not natural for us to be frequently sick, overweight, unfit, feeling stressed or anxious, lethargic, lacking in energy etc. Yet this lessened state of health is what most of us experience throughout most of our lives.

The term natural also implies that we should live as natural a lifestyle as we reasonably can. This isn't as difficult as you may think. A growing awareness of the benefits of healthy living has created a vibrant market for healthy products, creating a vast array of opportunities for healthier life choices.

the term ideal suggests a peak standard of perfection or excellence. The best!

Natural ideal health, like the concept of holistic health, aims to integrate all aspects of your life - physical, emotional, psychological, social and spiritual.

Like holistic health, natural ideal health embraces the idea that traditional, alternative and complementary approaches to health-care have their place alongside mainstream medicine as resources for maintaining your health.

Most importantly though, natural ideal health based on taking personal responsibility for your own health. Taking responsibility is the first of the 6 Healthy Habits,and is the foundation for all the others. I developed these healthy habits as a guide map for achieving natural ideal health.

I use the term natural ideal health often, as a reminder that it's natural to experience ideal health. Unfortunately the reminder is necessary because most of us, most of the time, do not.


5.   We neglect our health

Natural ideal health may well be our rightful state, but in reality we seldom experience it

We may say we crave good health, but we conduct our lives in ways that work against it

It's rather odd that most people pay so little attention to maintaining their health.

We mostly take our health for granted.

Our lives are so busy.

Commitments, responsibilities, deadlines.

Do we really have time to change to a 'more healthy lifestyle?' What does the question even mean?

Of course, most people rate good health as an important goal. Health, they would agree, is our most precious asset.

But in reality we measure our success mostly by our material wealth, reputation, power and influence.

We quickly add however that these mean little without our health.


6.   Health is a forgotten priority

In practice, good health is rarely our highest priority

We spend more time, money and effort maintaining our cars, homes and gardens than we do looking after our health

Yet these things do not bring lasting happiness.

And in the midst of this, our health is usually a largely forgotten priority.

We're too busy to exercise or cook healthy meals, yet we find the time for television, computer games and socializing with friends.

When it comes to our bodies, we think more of our appearance than of our health.

We eat mindlessly for pleasure without nourishing our bodies; we 'switch off,' watching trash while our minds are starved for nourishment. Most people would be hard pressed even to explain what might be meant by the notion of spiritual nourishment.

Yet without physical, mental and spiritual nourishment, lasting total health - natural ideal health - will remain forever elusive. Despite this, virtually everybody acknowledges good health as their most important possession.

How can we re-balance our priorities, fit in all the things we want to do, and have enough time left to give our health the priority it deserves?

'I do believe that health is my most important asset . . . but, you know, like everyone, I'm just so busy right now . . .'

We always seem to be in a rush. There's never enough time.

We blame the pace and pressure of modern life for our failure to pursue healthy choices.

And we don't see that we have allowed our tight schedules to actually distort the way we think.

Let's look at my language in the previous paragraph.

First I said "good health is our most important possession."

Then I asked the question,
"How can we re-balance our priorities, fit in all the things we want to do, and have enough time left to give our health the priority it deserves?"

Did you notice the line of thinking implied in these words?

Health comes across as an afterthought! Something we do if we've got time left after we fit in all the things we want to do.

The way of thinking revealed here is that healthy living is not so much something we really want to do. It's something we feel we should do it because it's 'good for us.'

It's something we 'try and fit in.'

This is despite saying we agree that "Good health is our most important possession."

Did you notice that inconsistency when you first read these sentences? Well, perhaps you did not pick it up because, you see, mostly we do think this way, without realizing it.

We seem to just accept that conflict often exists between what we believe we should do, and what we do in practice!

Subconsciously, we rationalize this way of thinking as normal. "Everybody does it, its just 'human nature.'"

The trouble is, while we may agree that ideal health is our most important possession, the above mode of thinking leads us to give healthy living a relatively low priority.

Natural ideal healthshould be our most important priority!


7.   Attitude

Attitude is our biggest obstacle to achieving natural ideal health

In our modern materialist culture, the type of thinking I've just illustrated typifies our attitude with regard to health

Our attitude regarding something is the way we feel about it. We either lean towards something, or away from it. That is, our predisposition or inclination regarding something is usually to some degree either positive or negative.

We set our priorities according to our attitudes, which determine the relative weighting or importance we give to moving toward or away from various possibilities. We move toward whatever gives us pleasure, and away from whatever gives us pain. These weightings are unique for each of us.

This is a largely unconscious process. We form habits based on our underlying attitudes and these habits govern our behaviour most of the time.

For example, if asked, you might agree that looking after your health should wherever possible be your first priority. But it's your actual behaviour that reflects your real underlying attitudes.

You can perhaps imagine yourself thinking, "I know I should try out a healthier lifestyle, but I just have to give it a low priority right now. I'm too busy, and there just isn't time. I'm just being practical, you know.

"And pretty much everyone else sees it that way too, so it's just a fact of life. There's nothing we can do, we just have to live with it.

"Maybe one day, when I get more on top of things . . . "

That thinking process reflects an attitude that gives your health a lower priority than other concerns in your life, and is your biggest obstacle to adopting a healthy lifestyle.

If you genuinely want to achieve outstanding health, a prime consideration in choosing everything you do should be its impact on your health. You will not succeed in building healthy habits into your daily life until you change our attitude towards health.

Fortunately this is good news. Your own attitude is one of the few things in this world that you CAN control.


8.   Principles of healthy living

The 4 Underlying Principles of Healthy Living

The true path to natural ideal health, bringing inner peace and fulfilment, lies in nourishing your body, mind and spirit

Natural ideal health isn't something you can just have, like an ordinary material possession. It's something you must work at, continuously throughout your life.

Like lasting love and enduring relationships, maintaining natural ideal health is a lifelong process that requires endless active work on your part. There are 4 underlying principles that reflect the nature of this work.

You can build your own pathway to natural ideal health by incorporating these 4 principles into your daily life:

  1. conscious living
  2. acting responsibility
  3. authentic personal growth
  4. nourishment of body, mind and spirit

The common thread among those who are most contented with their lives is a belief that the true path to inner peace and fulfillment lies in nourishing your body, mind and spirit. For you cannot achieve deep and lasting success in any field without first becoming the best that you can be.

This means being healthy in body, mind and spirit, and committed to the pursuit of personal growth that will enable you to realize your full human potential. Superficial material gain and social recognition cannot provide you with lasting joy; what is needed is the path of lasting health through inner growth.

It's an exciting journey, rich with promise and reward.

Learn here how to get started. You can design your own personal path, and enjoy the journey that is just right for you.

The first step lies in taking responsibility to make health and growth genuine priorities in your life. You can learn on this website how that can be easier than it sounds, because it is actually in your nature to do so. It's literally a matter of releasing the real you. And it can be more fun than anything you've ever tried before!

These 4 underlying principles form the basis for the 6 healthy habits that can bring you extraordinary physical, mental and spiritual health. They are the keys to well-being, prosperity, inner peace, and purpose.


Soar through life with the 6 Healthy Habits

  1. Live Consciously
  2. Act Responsibly
  3. Grow Authentically
  4. Nourish your Body
  5. Nourish your Mind
  6. Nourish your Soul

Achieve Lasting Change NOW.

  • outstanding physical, mental and spiritual health
  • well-being, prosperity, inner peace and life purpose.

"Take charge of your health."

"Take control of your life."

"Do it Now."

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You were born with an amazing capacity for outstanding health.

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Mostly, we neglect our health, giving it a low priority in our busy lives.

Now, using exciting new knowledge, you can achieve lasting personal change with extraordinary benefits for your health, longevity and personal growth.


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