An Airbnb Experience for You and Your Dog’s Camping Trip


There is still a lack of Pet-friendly Airbnb listings in public today. It’s quite saddening that despite the growing numbers of pet owners, the concept of pet-friendly places is still unpopular. Airbnb businesses, for instance, will be able to accommodate more customers if they promote a pet-friendly environment. Some travelers usually bring their canine buds for their trips since they are very outgoing and reliable on a lot of situations. If you’re planning to go camping with your dog, make sure that you check this canine-friendly Airbnb listing:

Introducing Tentrr

Tentrr offers campsites that cover an area of around 15 acres or possibly more. Their land is privately owned and secluded from the usual noisy surrounding. It is strategically hidden to provide the most comfortable camping experience. It has several hiking trails and swimming areas. Every single campsite includes equipment and necessary tools such as wooden platforms, a canvas tent itself, beds and chairs, storage, camp toilets, fire pits, stoves, and more.

They also have a glamping option. Glamping is camping + glam combined, which is perfect for campers who seek a little bit of luxury while still keeping in touch with nature.

Tentrr is the perfect Airbnb for your Canines

Unlike other Airbnb’s, Tentrr aims to provide an exceptional and peaceful place for your dogs to stay in. They are incredibly pet-friendly and guarantees that the heart of their service goes to your dogs or puppies. At Tentrr, Dogs and their owners/families can do numerous activities. These activities typically involve hiking, mountain biking, swimming, trail running, and preparing food together.

Being a pet-friendly Airbnb business is in line with their advocacy to make outdoor experiences more accessible and freer from any worries. Not only for humans but family pets as well.