San Francisco Makes a Call; E-cigarettes Banned


After stopping the use of face recognition technology in all police operations, the city of San Francisco has made another firm move. This time, the city wanted to end the use of e-cigarettes.

According to government officials, a lot of kids are getting lured to this flavored vape. They pointed out that before it becomes uncontrollable, this new breed of addiction must be stopped. Hence, they enacted a law that imposes a total ban of using and selling of all kinds of e-cigarettes.

E-cigarette or vape is a hybrid cigar that converts liquid nicotine into vapor.

Once the user keeps on inhaling the smoke from this electronic device, the impact could be more detrimental than the regular tobacco roll.

Supervisor Shamann Walton stressed that their efforts in controlling the major tobacco companies in the 90s must not be compromised. And this time, it is their duty to protect the new generation.

The vape company Juul was the serious casualty of the new law. According to Ted Kwong, Juul spokesperson, people who switched to vape (previously using regular cigarette) will be forced to purchase in the black market. Juul management expressed their belief that the best way to manage vape is to regulate rather than to prohibit. Ted further said that their company is all out supporting the efforts of upkeeping the youth. In fact, they are proposing specific measures to regulate vape users. Some of the company’s suggestions include the mandatory ID card for all legal age vape users, not allowing vape purchasing in bulk to prevent reselling, and strict requirements for vape stores and outlets.

But despite the pleads from Juul, this law is up for the signature of Mayor London Breed. After six months, this will be implemented in San Francisco.