Scientists Develop Revolutionized Robotic Arm


Scientists from the University of Minnesota and Carnegie Mellon University successfully developed a technology that capacitates severely injured persons to man a pneumatic robotic arm.

The said robotic arm is equipped with a new breed of technology that replaced the invasive electrode brain implants. In retrospect, doctors have been implanting electrode sensors for so long to help injured persons mobilize.

With the help of electroencephalography cap, severely injured persons can now send and fetch signal using an artificial arm in no time. The scientists also pointed out that the use of electroencephalography makes the recovery of the person faster. They highlighted that the robotic arm is user-friendly and applied the top-of-the-line ergonomic features.

Before they perfected the design of electroencephalography robots, the researchers admitted that they needed to subject their people to extensive experiments. There was even a point that they instructed their volunteers to carry out some pursuit tasks just to find out the response rate of the electroencephalography’s sensor.

The researchers hope that more people will benefit from this innovation. They said that this electroencephalography-run robotics is only the start. More great innovations from their end are coming soon.

How Robots Affect Humans

The benefits of utilizing robots to do certain tasks are now crossing borders. Not only that you can depend on robots in accomplishing mechanical tasks, but they are effective in dealing with human rehabilitation as well. Some robots are even allowed to perform medical operations. 

4 Advantages of Using Robots 

  1. Accuracy. If you employ robots, you’ll cut the margin of error significantly.
  2. Efficiency. Unlike humans, robots don’t get tired, so expect efficient performance.
  3. Cost-effective. You will save a lot if you use robots since there’s no need for you to hire more people.
  4. Quality. You can get the best quality if you choose robots. Just make sure that you properly configure the robot beforehand.