The One Thing You Need to Know Before You Train For IRONMAN


Professional tri-athletes know full well that the greatest gains happen in the weight room. They believe that their capabilities for their races are unleashed here.

Chris Leiferman who holds two IRONMAN championship titles affirm this practice. During the course of his winter training, he went to the gym at least thrice a week to lift weights. He says it helped him keep his shape and form for the triathlon.

He considers deadlifting as a highly valuable activity. However, he advises amateur tri-athletes to have a consistent, comprehensive, and gratifying strength workout. He suggests working out with a buddy so you can have someone you’re accountable to with regards to your workout routine.

Pro-triathlete Rachel McBride also promotes the benefits of doing strength workouts in winter. She focuses on doing squats and heavy deadlifts as well, citing its importance in engaging and strengthening the core. She highly suggests getting a coach who is knowledgeable in endurance training to ensure that you are being taught of the proper form while lifting weights.

Like Leiferman, Mcbride also spent three days a week in the gym on winter. This lessens as her race nears but she plans to lift again in between races. She says it’s essential for her body to remain strong so she can endure the rigorous endurance training and exhausting race season. She considers winter as the best time to rest the body from high-endurance activities and to strengthen her core. McBride believes a strong core is the key to longevity not just in sports but in life overall.

No one seems to model longevity better than Dede Griesbauer, a pro at 48 years old. She also banks on strength training to prepare for her feat in the IRONMAN race. She trains with her coach Amy Quiron three days a week. The composition of her training depends on the time of the year. When she isn’t the gym, she still makes sure to squeeze in a quick core workout. She emphasizes the role of the strong core in finishing all parts of the race course. 

Laura Siddall who bagged three IRONMAN champion titles can only agree. She regularly goes to the gym through the year, saying it helps her body become stronger and more adaptable.  Her exercises usually involve lifting and squat.